Let me guess.

You’re here because you’ve pictured yourself as a freelance writer. You want to break free from your day job and work on your own terms.

You want the “freelance” life, the variety that comes from different projects and freedom that comes with such a lifestyle.

So you look for those clients who need content for their business; you pitch stories to top magazine editors; you send out a ton of introduction emails in hopes of getting hired but —

Nothing happens. Nada. Zilch. 

Can you relate?

If so, then welcome to WPW. Because here, we talk about the business of freelance writing. (You read it right — not “art” or “hobby”, but business.)

If you’re ready for real paying clients, I’ll teach you how to find them. But before that, I want to share a personal story with you.

Let me take you a few years back…

It was 2004; I was fresh out of college and I’d found a 9-5 job.

I vividly recall talking to one of my close buddies on the phone when I got the news.

We were so thrilled to launch our careers and join the “corporate” world in our respective companies. We actually did a little happy dance on the phone.

A year down the line, I knew I had made a huge mistake. I didn’t want to write software for all my life. Duh.

In 2009, I finally took the plunge. I put up my shingle as a freelance writer and started my freelance writing business called Damn Fine Writing.

Hello, I’m Pooja

Pooja Lohana -- Be a Well-Paid WriterFast-forward to this day. I’m a freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor and online marketing mentor to coaches, tech entrepreneurs and consultants. I make a full-time income writing and mentoring/coaching from home.

I’ve written for major blogs such as ProBlogger, WriteToDone, MarketingProfs, JeffBullas, LifeHack, FirePole, Under30CEO, Tabtimes, Hongkiat to name a few.

For two years, I’ve been on the staff for an Australian mind, body, spirit magazine Veritas. I’ve edited stories, written newsletters and done marketing research in the background.

I’ve also sold to magazines such as Woman’s Day (Australia).

I like to call myself a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, because really, what I do is much more than freelance writing.

Why? Because it gives me a variety of things to work on. It lets me “smoosh” my interests and skills to create sellable projects. It challenges me. It brings me freedom. And it makes me happy.

But enough about me. Tell me about YOU. 

You came here because you want to break into freelancing, right? Perhaps you too have a day job that you’d like to quit once and for all? (I know, I’ve been there and kicked the sinking feeling successfully.)

Or perhaps, you’re cruising alright, but want your freelance income to soar.

Whatever the case, let me tell you it doesn’t matter. Yes, you can break into freelance writing (with no experience). And yes, you can boost your freelance writing income big time.

The only thing holding you back is lack of understanding the “how” part of it. And that’s what I endeavour to deliver via this blog.

So, what next?

I I’ve learned anything in my 5 years of business, it’s this: Your freelance writing business, or any business for that matter, cannot kick-start (let alone thrive) without other people.

Relationships matter. They are everything, in my book. You can initiate a simple conversation with a tweet, a reply to an email or after reading an “About” page (such as this one!)

So go on, start a relationship with someone today. You can’t imagine the things it can do for your business.

Feel free to reach me at pooja [at] wellpaidwriters.com and tell me how you’re going with your freelance writing journey. 🙂

And I’ll do my 100% to help you in your specific situation.

I read (and reply to) every email I receive. Oh and by the way, it’s free.

You know what to do next. So see you in my inbox, OK?

Speak soon,